What's with the face paint?
First of all, what face paint? Second, it’s not really polite to comment on people’s appearance in that way, is it?
Can you do a video on ______?
Maybe! Wanna bring a potential subject video to my attention? Twitter & Facebook are great places to do that. Take a second to check whether anyone else has already posted to me about it though. If it’s a trending viral video, chances are they have.
What editing software do you use?
I use Avid Media Composer for editing, After Effects for compositing, Blender for 3D, Syntheyes for tracking, DaVinci Resolve for color-grading and ProTools for audio mixing.
Seems like you should have a bigger following than you do. How come you don't?
I don’t promote myself much. I like making videos but I don’t really like all the tropes of asking for likes, comments or shares. But I do like collaborating with other creative people online and in person.
How can I help you do what you do?
Thank you for wanting to do that! There are a number of ways you can help me to continue making this web series. In order of effectiveness, they are: