02 Sep 2011

He Can iTune!

Good newwws, everyone!

The next video is not ready yet and I’m still working on it.

But now there’s a hip NEW way you can watch and share my videos. I’m on iTunes! All the episodes* are available there, in the form of a free video podcast. Now I’ll be right alongside all your favorite skeptical podcasts. Yay!

The YouTube channel will continue to be the main outlet and new videos will premiere there, then appear on iTunes within a couple of days. YouTube is great for browsing and sharing when at a computer while iTunes is convenient for subscribing and streaming to mobile devices. So, pick your poison!

But before you drink the poison, please consider leaving me a positive review and rating in the iTunes store. That will help me become more visible and may shame me into working faster.

*Several of the most recent episodes are still in the process of being published in the iTunes stream and will appear soon.