29 Jun 2011

The DVDevil is in the DVDetails

Dear viewers, if you miss me, please know that I miss you even more.

I mean it. For artists/filmmakers/performers/other showers-off like myself, there’s no greater feeling than knowing people are watching something you’ve made. Having not released new videos in a while I’m starting to forget what that feels like :(

So maybe it’s not the best strategy to suddenly put out a DVD and offer it for sale… Nevertheless, that’s what I’m about to do and I’m excited about it.

That promo has prompted some questions. Let me start with some quick facts:

  1. The YouTube web series is not over. It will continue. This DVD does not affect it.
  2. There’s no big distributor involved. The DVD is my own personal effort. I put it together with my own skills and at my own expense.
  3. I’m selling it in order to generate a little bit of cash to put into the series and help produce new videos in a timely manner at the same production quality you’ve come to expect.
  4. While I will debut the DVD at TAM9I’ll certainly figure out a way to make it available online for everyone soon after! TAM is simply a way to figure out demand and get some feedback.

And honestly, I’m quite proud of this DVD. I worked very hard to make sure it’s professional and pleasant to watch. Every episode has been remastered (remember that old buzzword?) in the highest available quality. The commentaries are hopefully interesting to the trivia-minded. The bonus features are fun and geeky for all.

A technical note: if you are outside of US or Japan, please be aware that this DVD is NTSC, so you need a multi-system player to view it. However it’s region-free, so it will play on devices from any part of the world and no one should have any issues playing it on a computer.

I hope you’ll consider buying a copy!


UPDATE: Get ‘yer DVD here! (3D glasses included)