05 Sep 2010

Updates From the Field


Just wanted to check in, as it’s that time again when little probing questions from viewers begin to trickle in.

“So… when’s the next video coming?”

“W-what’s it gonna be about?”

“I wanna have like, ten thousand of your babies! [?]”

Rest assured I am working on a new episode and I will try to bring it to the screen in short order. As always, I’ll try to push the envelope and make something streets ahead of what came before.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about how to address this problem of delays. The reason new videos take so long to put out is because they take a long time to make. Plus there’s much other secret superhero stuff I have to do in-between. Also, Mr. Flare is turning into a diva and is totally unmanageable.

(I mean seriously, just waking him up for a shoot is a whole big thing…)

The obvious solution would be to make the videos simpler, shorter and to release them on a frequent, regular schedule. But I wonder if that would defeat the whole purpose…  I don’t really want to get rid of the main strong point (in my opinion) the videos have – higher production value.

So maybe the answer is a dual strategy: I will continue to bring you the same kind of videos I have been, but in addition I will introduce a shorter, simpler format that can come out bi-weekly. These videos will be released on the same YouTube channel, but the title will differentiate them.

Imagine actually KNOWING when the next video will come out. Won’t that be something?…

I really think this could work and I already have a pretty good idea of how exactly to set it up.  But if you have any thoughts or suggestions for it, I’d like to hear them too.

See you soon!