06 Jun 2010

TAM 7 + Brown Lotto Debunk

The massive TAM 7 adventure ended up as a super-sized 20+ minute episode which had to be divided up into 5 parts on YouTube. This was basically my “love letter” to the whole critical thinking community and to the TAM tradition. There is a lot of “plot” and humor, in fact too much for some. A few regular, casual viewers were a bit annoyed by how long it all took to “get to the point”, meaning the debunking portion. Meanwhile, some of the conference participants found that the snarky humor (especially about the HAM Party talent show) cut a bit close to the bone, which prompted me to write this heartfelt clarification *tear*.

But overall the videos seem to be a success. I am especially proud of the finale – my humble take on the popular Symphony of Science song “A Glorious Dawn“. Upon seeing it, the composer and creator of the original video, John Boswell, seemed to be extremely impressed which made me happy!