Randi + Pantry Ghost Debunk

Randi + Pantry Ghost Debunk

A very special episode featuring The Amazing Randi himself. It was exciting and fun to make this happen, but the whole thing is sort of tarnished by the fact that the “debunk” is… well, um, wrong! What’s worse is that in the story, it’s made to look like Randi is the one that came up with the mistaken theory :O Well, let me say here and now that that was not the case. It was all scripted by yours truly and I got it wrong.

But you know, what? That’s ok. It just goes to show that you can’t always be right. What’s important is that you admit it and learn from it. A scientist or a critical thinker is not set in his/her views, but rather adapts their views to reflect the latest available facts. Also, a scientist or a critical thinker doesn’t notice little factual inconsistencies in a webisode when they are distracted by an awesome parody of the movie Contact.

After re-examining the evidence and realizing my error, I issued an addendum. Both the episode and the addendum were later shown at the Amazing Meeting 7 to an audience of a 1,000 people!


Your videos are great, even if they don’t totally explain every possible way this could have been faked. I’d like to believe it is real but logic always gets in the way. Thanks for a very entertaining video! Loved the Contact reenactment! ;-) Going to have to watch more of your videos now…

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